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Application Areas

  • Aerospace

    Tarang delivers high quality instruments for rigorous testing to enable production of aerospace components that are tenacious, enduring and safeguarded. Tarang vibration and shock test equipment are suitable for basic production test as well as for large scale aerospace applications.
  • Defence

    Defence equipment suppliers and test facilities need to frequently vibration, shock, bump and centrifugal forcetesting to assess survivability and reliability of various electronic components, systems, munitions and vehicles. This testing and analysis is crucial for the Defence industry due to the high stakes involved.
  • Automotive

    Vibration Test System and Vibration Controller at Tarang Kinetics are suitable for automotive and vehicle industry. Tarang offers a wide array of test systems suitable for durability and vibration testing.
  • Electronics and Telecom

    We provide a full array of high precision instruments used by electrical engineers to test their equipment such as Vibration Test System, Shock Test Machine and Chambers. These are both powerful and easy to use.
  • Education and R & D Labs

    Tarang offers products for vibration and noise test as well as research for Universities and research institutes. Tarang Kinetics instruments are state of the art thus propelling cutting edge research in universities and labs.
  • Railway

    Vibration and environmental testing for product verification, quality adherence and R&D is not only beneficial for the reliability of railway components, but often required to meet the Government set standards.
  • Structural Analysis

    Tarang Kinetics provides testing equipment that enables structural analysis through identification and suppression of unwanted vibration that can often cause fatigue or degrade the performance of the structure.
  • Packaging and Transport

    While transporting and packaging, it is essential that critical electronic components and sub components function properly with minimal damage. These conditions make Vibration, Shock and Bump testing critical.

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