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Vibration Controller
Tarang Digital Vibration controller is used to simulate actual field vibration conditions at test laboratory in a controlled manner so as to reproduce the same vibration atmosphere but ensuring safety of device/object under test. Sinusoidal, shock, random and complex sinu-random vibration environment can be simulated using different software methodologies on the Digital Vibration Controller providing sinusoidal sweep, shock and random vibration test as per JS 55555, MIL, IS, IEC and other international standards.

Vibration ControllerThe function of CONTROLLER is to generate reference signal, measure feedback signal, equalize both the signals and generate ultimately the corrected servo signal to drive the shaker at desired vibration level. Signal clipping is provided internally to protect the shaker or object under severe vibration level, causing damage.

Tarang Controllers are available in different PC based operation (Win 9X/NT/2000/XP) & Interface to Host PC - ISA/PCI/USB/LAN in the Frequency Range 0.05 to 5000 Hz

The 04/08/16 Channel Controller will meet the specification with respect to sine(swept sine, resonance search, track and dwell(RSTD),sine oscillator),Random (Random on Random(ROR), Sine on Random (SOR), Sine and Random on Random (SROR), and SHOCK (Classical shock, Shock Response spectrum (SRS), Time Transient history (TTH) control), Long Time History(LTH)